Beauty, Weight and Food Combination

Many people start to pay attention to their health. They choose to eat foods that are more nutritional to their body. Though many foods are very nutritional, if you mix or match them wrong, you may not get the nutrients to your body as you expected. Also, it can “help” you put on weight and even make you look less pretty.

Tofu or bean curb made from soy bean is extremely healthy. They are rich in protein that can be easily digested by the human body and can be a good substitute for milk. You can see them more often for Japanese and Chinese cuisine. When you are eating tofu together with cake at the same time, you are more likely to get fat.

There is a simplified theory saying that foods with high density should not be eaten in the same meal. Most of the food except vegetables is considered as high density. Tofu and cake are considered as high density food consistently. If you eat these two high density foods together, you are going to be fatter and fatter.

Another combination that can “help” you to put on weight is chocolate and soft drink. I know many of you like both chocolate and soft drink and like to eat them together. This can be extremely bad as both the chocolate and soft drink are high in calories, fat and sugar. For a better choice, you can choose to have chocolate with tea. Tea can help absorb the oil or fat in the chocolate, therefore, less oil can be absorbed to the body and you are less fat.

Seafood and fruits are two types of food that you should not eat them together. Seafood like fish, shrimps, crabs or even seaweed contains a lot of protein and calcium. Fruits on the other hand are rick in dietary fibers and vitamins. Fruits especially grapes, guavas and persimmons are rich in tannic acid.

The problem that you eat seafood and fruit together is that the tannic acid in fruits can react with the protein and calcium in seafood. This will reduce the nutritional value of protein. Also, the calcium can tannic acid can together form a difficult-to-digest substance which irritates the stomach. On the whole, your digestion is going to be affected. With the poor digestion, you can have more pimples on your nose or around your chin.

Of course, there are still many combinations that can be good or bad to your body. The simplest principle is always to be balanced. Eat more vegetables and fruits instead of meats. Avoid junk food in between your regular meals. Drink 2 liters of water a day and sleep for 6 to 8 hours a day.