Auto Loan Rates To Finance A New Car Purchase

If you are looking to finance a car purchase in the near future then you really must consider using a car loan to fund it. The good thing about this type of finance is it’s secured on the vehicle being purchased,the balance decreases as the borrower makes each payment on the loan. Once you have determined how much you will have to spend the next step is to search on the internet (initially at least), to find the car you have set your decided on.


The best way to search for a car is using the many online services now available which speed up the search tremendously as all you need to do is enter the type of car and budget and the search engines can do the rest, all without leaving your home. If you are determined on a particular new model which is outside your budget, then there is no reason why you cannot buy a used version because this type of loan is fine for used vehicles as well. Despite the ease with auto loans can be obtained, they can be refused if the applicant has a bad credit record so check to make sure there aren’t any problems first.

Having a poor credit score does not automatically bar you from having being accepted for a loan but you might find that the interest rate is set higher as a penalty. When you check your credit score, it should really be over 550 if you want to ensure you are in a position to negotiate the best interest rates for your finance. As auto loans can be arranged via all the normal financial institutions, it is worth looking around for the best rates if you are in the position too!

Find out how much you have to pay now and then find out the overall costs but keep in mind that a low cost may not mean low total costs for you later when you look at the bigger picture. Be careful how long you intend to pay for the car for and do not automatically choose the low cost option as many people find that after a couple of years they still owe far more than the car is worth. An insurance policy will often lower the interest rates on a loan,the finance company does not have the same risk if protection is in place, should anything happen to the borrower.

Cash-back options or rebates are often offered at dealerships and it could be worth your while accepting this tempting offer,however, there is nothing stopping your from applying for finance at a lower interest rate online once you have received the rebate. If you are determined to find an online auto loan lender then there will be a number to choose from but there may be an application fee to pay and/or a down payment as well, If you want to get the best interest rates then you will need to focus on the online companies but some car dealers may offer a similar rate if they want the business bad enough.